High Quality Content Writing

What Makes You So “Affordable”?

High quality content writing can be tough to come across – well, unless you’re working with me! Many content writing services will do whatever it takes to milk their clients out of hard-earned cash, but that’s not what we do here.

High Quality Content Writing Service

The content that we provide to our clients is of the highest quality possible, meaning, we could probably charge more (but we don’t!). Quality over quantity should be the ultimate goal for any webmaster trying to curate content for their projects.

How Much Does It Cost?

Canadian Content Writing provides a very sought after service to people all over the world, not just Canada. While the business is based in Canada and payments are made in CAD, we aren’t going to limit our clientele. Those who are looking for a reliable writer at an affordable rate, have no need to look any further!

REGULAR CONTENT (PBN’s, Web 2.0’s, Simple Blog Posts, etc.): $2/100 words *

MONEY-SITE CONTENT (Amazon Reviews, Website Content, Sales Pages, etc.): $4/100 words *

Contact me today and let’s get started on your project!

*Since there are a lot of U.S. based clients, the rates are in USD – although the preferred currency for payment would be the CAD equivalent

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