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WeSmokeToo is a female-oriented marijuana website. While marijuana may be a topic that some people avoid, we’ve just legalized it in Canada – so I had no problem tackling this website. The versatility that I show as a writer is quite obvious, seeing as I can go from a female-based marijuana website, all the way over to an SEO service with relative ease.

Here is a piece of writing from WeSmokeToo:

Hello there! If you’re on this website, you’re either a woman (or looking to purchase something for a woman) that partakes in the wonderful process of smoking marijuana. Marijuana used to be something that a lot of people avoided, it was a topic which made many individuals uneasy in the past. Women can relate to that, as we’re constantly fighting the good fight, trying to maintain equality for us on this planet.



Ranktracker is an SEO platform that is needed to put together a stellar SEO campaign. Writing this website allowed me to flourish in regards to the level of SEO skills I had at that time; I learned quite a bit throughout the entire process, and it’s something that I’ve been able to take and use towards other clients’ projects.

Here is a small excerpt from the website:

“No need to use multiple tools for your SEO campaign – everything you need is right here. We’ve taken some of the most comprehensive data sources available and combined them in a single platform. So whether you’re researching keywords or tracking your progress, accurate insights are just a click away.”

Private Cheatz



Private Cheatz was a hacking website that I wrote in 2018 – I wrote essentially the entirety of this website. From the Home Page down to the little introduction paragraphs for each hack; all of it was yours truly.

A small excerpt from the CS:GO page:

Counter Strike could be considered to be the most popular PC game of all time. If you’re a PC gamer of any respect, odds are you have dipped your toes into the Counter Strike pool at some point. It isn’t a game for everybody, as it takes a lot of skill and practice in order to be great at the game; that’s why they are continuously holding tournaments worth millions of dollars. A big problem within the community is “cheating”, as nobody really knows who is doing it. It’s not a problem if you’re on the right side of the fight! Here at Private Cheatz, we can guarantee that you’ll be demolishing servers left and right with our CSGO Hacks – there’s just no other way to put it.” – Canadian Content, 2018