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“You’ve got to find the right writer, boy!”

Do you like video games too? Well, I’ve been enjoying them for almost my entire life at this point – as a result, I think I know a thing or two when writing about them.

Whether it’s engaging blog posts, or entire websites dedicated to undetected hacks, I’ve got exactly what you need to handle your next big writing project.

I’m not a content mill, but merely one man! One who is always willing to put his best foot forward with gaming content.


POP17 is a website that I wrote from top to bottom – if you’ve ever needed web copy for the video game industry (more specifically, the hacking industry) I’ve got you covered!

Private Cheatz

Private Cheatz was a hacking website that I wrote in 2018 – I wrote essentially the entirety of this website. From the Home Page down to the little introduction paragraphs for each hack; all of it was yours truly.

A small excerpt from the CS:GO page:

Counter Strike could be considered to be the most popular PC game of all time. If you’re a PC gamer of any respect, odds are you have dipped your toes into the Counter Strike pool at some point. It isn’t a game for everybody, as it takes a lot of skill and practice in order to be great at the game; that’s why they are continuously holding tournaments worth millions of dollars. A big problem within the community is “cheating”, as nobody really knows who is doing it. It’s not a problem if you’re on the right side of the fight! Here at Private Cheatz, we can guarantee that you’ll be demolishing servers left and right with our CSGO Hacks – there’s just no other way to put it.” – Trey Charles, 2019

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