Private Cheatz



Private Cheatz was a hacking website that I wrote in 2018 – I wrote essentially the entirety of this website. From the Home Page down to the little introduction paragraphs for each hack; all of it was yours truly.

A small excerpt from the CS:GO page:

Counter Strike could be considered to be the most popular PC game of all time. If you’re a PC gamer of any respect, odds are you have dipped your toes into the Counter Strike pool at some point. It isn’t a game for everybody, as it takes a lot of skill and practice in order to be great at the game; that’s why they are continuously holding tournaments worth millions of dollars. A big problem within the community is “cheating”, as nobody really knows who is doing it. It’s not a problem if you’re on the right side of the fight! Here at Private Cheatz, we can guarantee that you’ll be demolishing servers left and right with our CSGO Hacks – there’s just no other way to put it.” – Canadian Content, 2018

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