Canadian Content Writing

The number of samples I have from past clients is immense, and that’s because they couldn’t refuse my unique writing style. At least, that’s what I like to think! I’ve dabbled in hundreds of different niches, writing every different kind of copy you could imagine.

I’m driven, but my writing style can adapt to the topic at hand. Whether you need to express quirkiness or intelligence, I’m the man for the job.

I have experience when it comes to just about any niche you could imagine, although I would certainly consider myself an expert in many of them as well.

For example, while some people may focus on science fiction writing (or something of that nature), I kept my horizons broad early on and developed a love for many different things.

The “Guru Writer” You’ve Been Looking for

I’ve been through it all as a freelance writer. I understand how to communicate with my clients effectively, and I’ll never keep you waiting for updates on a project. Common courtesy is something that I practice best when compared to other freelance writers.

Start Making More Money with Copywriting

It isn’t just about flexibility, as you want to have some sort of “proof” behind these claims. I’ve written copy for hundreds of websites, all of which have gone on to turn a profit in their sector. You can join this club of exclusive businesses and entrepreneurs, all you’ve got to do is contact me.

Helping my clients generate more revenue and driving sales is my main goal, as that’s what copywriting is all about. I can help your brand offer a more professional appeal, and all I need is a topic and any keywords you’d like to target.

Canadian Content Writing is merely a name that I thought was catchy. It’s not a content mill or team of writers! You can even find me on LinkedIn if you’d like (Trey Charles).

Not only have I been a reliable freelancer for my copywriting projects, but I have also been helping both businesses and entrepreneurs with their content needs for a few years now.

I’ve been around for quite some time – but I started from humble beginnings

Why Use Canadian Content Writing?

Where Are You Based?

This is a business based in Burlington, ON – known as the second-best city to live in within Canada. It may be a young service at heart, but I’m looking to make a big splash in the industry. If only I put together an artsy website! In due time, I suppose.


There are a lot of writing options to choose from, but how do you know that you’re going to get the best out of the person you end up going with? Of course, you can usually read into their past. Take a look at reviews, compare their rates and even ask for samples. One thing that always sticks out is the quality that a writer can bring to the table. Thankfully, that’s exactly what I like to focus on.

There’s a big difference between hiring a writer, and hiring a content mill!

I Take a Personal Approach to Copywriting

Here at Canadian Content Writing, it’s a very personal approach that’s being taken to your content. You’re not going to be working with a team of writers or a content mill – I’m an experienced freelance writer who operates on his own. Copywriting cannot be left to a team of writers, as you want somebody who has “been through the grind” before.

Understanding what customers want to see and hear is my specialty, and I’m able to implement that effortlessly into all of my copywriting. Need some keywords thrown in there? No problem! I’ll incorporate them naturally without any fluff.

I write everything, as well as proofread and edit everything. It’s a tedious process, but it’s allowed me to maximize the quality of content that I can provide to my customers.

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I don’t care if you need 400 words or 400,000 – I’m going to be up to the task regardless. If you’re sick and tired of struggling to create content for your business, leave it up to me!

It’s proven that great content can help your business organically grow online, and seeing as the internet is a massive platform to market with, you’ll want to put your best foot forward. The right website visitor could land you a six-figure deal, but that’s only if you’ve got the right copy.

Get the Copy You CRAVE

If you’ve been dying to work with a reliable copywriter who’s going to lure customers in like Pike in Northern Ontario, you’re in the right place. I use my words to persuade people and put their minds at ease – after all, it’s much easier to make a sale when the customer can trust the product.

Misspellings and improper grammar will lead to lost sales and a lack of revenue. How often have you seen a grammatical error while reading through an article on Forbes, and pondered “Wow, they paid that dude to write this!”.

Probably not as often as I used to, but that’s okay.  Don’t feel stupid for hiring a writer that isn’t taking your project seriously. The best way to avoid all of that? By working with the most reliable Canadian content writing service on the internet!

If you’ve got a need for content, be it small or large, feel free to contact me!