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If you want to hire my copywriting service, feel free to send me an email. This is the quickest and most direct way to contact me, and I’ll often reply within a few hours.

You’ll need to let me know your name, budget, and the kind of project you need me to handle.

This would come with the word count and targeted keywords (as well as anything else that could help me out).

The more specific you can get with your project details, the more obvious it will be as to what you want in the end. Content can be tricky at times, but thankfully, I’m always willing to work with my clients to ensure that they are happy with the results.

Send me an email today and let’s talk about your next project!

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If you’re not a fan of forms, you could always just contact me through email; if you aren’t aware of my current rates, check them out here.

Hopefully, we’ll be building a long-lasting business relationship sooner, rather than later. It’s always nice to know that many of the clients currently working with me here at Canadian Content Writing have done so since the beginning, but expansion is the ultimate goal at this point.

Long-term clients and bulk orders are always preferred!

Don’t Be a Stranger

If something on the website is acting up, or you just wanted to get a quote on a much larger project than the “Shop” option would help you with, contact me. I am constantly checking my email and always looking to improve upon the website, so don’t hesitate to throw any suggestions my way.