Building a Brand in 2019 with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is Tough!

Marketing with Canadian Content Writing
In order to put your business in a position to succeed, you’re going to have to brand accordingly

Regardless of who you are, or where you happen to be located, marketing and branding will be a major component of your company. When you’re starting your journey online, there are a lot of different variables that could come into play. Sometimes an entrepreneur will hit the jackpot and get a bit lucky, and other times you’ll have to keep your head down and work.

Marketing is going to bring more customers to the table, which is the main goal that most organizations are shooting for. When you’ve got a large base of customers that you can count on, the profit margin is always going to look great – but how much of your profits should be put back into the marketing process?

Not only that, but how are you going to go about marketing your business in general? We’re going to talk about that a little bit today in this article, with the hope that someone reading it may be able to take some solace out of their branding efforts.

Where to Begin: The First Couple of Steps

Building a brand is no easy feat, and it’s going to call for a lot of high-quality content (preferably hand-written by yours truly!) – as long as you are willing to invest both time and money into your branding campaign, you should get the results that you’re looking for.

Find Your “Target Demographic”

Target Demographics are important for branding
The key to success is in finding customers that you can retain – that’s where your “target demographic” will come into play!

In order to effectively market your company, you need to understand what your target demographic is looking for. Of course, that means you’ll have to identify your target demographic beforehand. This is going to vary from company to company, as most of you will be in different industries (and as a result, will have different requirements for your target demographic).

You’ll want to identify potential regions to target, as well as specific sets of people. You can sort them by age groups, ethnicity, annual incomes or just about anything else that you feel would apply. There are an abundance of ways to look at data and see which individuals are more prone to making a purchase from your company, such as the Google Analytics tool!

Make Use of Engaging and High-Quality Content

Canadian Content Writing can help you through a re-brand
Canadian Content Writing is your most reliable source for all writing-related needs!


As a professional writer, I’m going to be biased when it comes to properly written content. Plenty of websites will get by with spun junk littering their pages, and that’s only because they are massive companies that can essentially buy their way to the top. If you have enough money in the bank, you can more than likely do this as well. If you aren’t a multi-billion dollar company that holds a boatload of power in the world, you may want to put your best foot forward.

Providing users with engaging content is the only real way to go about branding your business. Whether it’s digitally or in the physical realm, you want your customers to see that you are serious about the product/service at hand. By investing in high-quality content that engages with your users, your company will be creating long-lasting connections, which in turn is going to translate into sales!

Develop a Plan and Follow Through!

Look! It’s you, planning to dominate your industry!

There are many services available that can help you through the branding process, but they are going to cost you money. If you don’t have to funds to hire one of these companies, there’s no need to worry – you can still develop a plan through your own means. There will always be a way to approach your branding campaign, despite the fact that some companies aren’t going to have a large marketing budget. Develop your branding plan accordingly and follow through until the end!

You’ll need to identify what your company needs for the marketing plan, as well as how you can obtain the necessary items. This could mean renting out billboard space, or even just having business signs made – it could also mean that you’ve saved up enough money to completely rebrand your vehicle fleet. Whatever the case may be, just try your best to follow through with all of your planning.

Most organizations will fall short of their annual profit goals because they refused to do some research and identify the best points of insertion (as silly as that sounds). Someone who owns a mechanics’ garage still needs to appeal towards the digital space, regardless of how “irrelevant” they may feel it is.

You CAN Be a Successful Entrepreneur Online

This is a good place to stop for now, as I’m planning on making this a weekly sort of deal. If you found any information within this article to be helpful, feel free to reach out and give shoot me a message. I love engaging with both readers and potential clients!


Canadian Content Writing & Freelance Copywriting | The Toronto Raptors WIN The NBA Finals!

The Toronto Raptors Are Your 2019 NBA Champions!



Like any good freelance copywriter (or just freelance writer in general), I am always reading up on sports and any other thing that could apply to my potential work in the future. However, this is completely different – I speak on topics surrounding the Toronto Raptors as not only a fellow Canadian, but also a fellow fan.

It’s happened everybody – the Toronto Raptors have won the NBA Finals.

Words cannot describe what this means to not only the city, but the entirety of Canada as well! I’m sure that the majority of Canadians were on the edge of their seats watching the game this past Thursday, cheering on our team as we always do.


This has been 24 years in the making and it’s all finally come together. While I feel happy, I do also have to feel a bit sad for DeMar Derozan, the man who paved the way for all of this to happen. He gave us a large portion of his NBA career so far, and while he came up short time after time (due to LeBron James, essentially), it just doesn’t feel right to win without him.

Or does it? No, no it doesn’t.

The Toronto Raptors celebrating in Oracle Arena

Lowry Came to Play in Game 6

Kyle Lowry started off the game hot, dropping 3’s like it was nothing at all to him. That’s the fire that we’ve been wanting to see from Kyle Lowry for the entirety of this Playoff run – and while he hasn’t always been consistent, he definitely came to play during Game 6. If you really wanted consistency, you’d just sign me for a 10-day (although I think I will just stick to freelance copywriting services for now).

Our fan favorite Kyle Lowry also an NBA Champion now, so, kiss Canada’s ass! Jonas Valanciunas is due for a ring for being a part of the team, and so is Delon Wright – it’s nice to know that they get a little bit of love for all of the hard work that they put in during the season and years past. Realistically, I would love it if Derozan got a ring as well; but “rules is rules”.

However you feel about the Toronto Raptors winning is irrelevant, as it’s happened and nothing will change that. Check out the box score and see how our team dominated the Warriors:

Pascal Siakam: 26 pts, 3 assists, 10 rebounds

Kyle Lowry: 26 pts, 10 assists, 7 rebounds

Kawhi Leonard: 22 pts, 3 assists, 6 rebounds

Fred VanVleet: 22 pts, 0 assists, 2 rebounds

Serge Ibaka: 15 pts, 2 assists, 3 rebounds

Marc Gasol: 3 pts, 4 assists, 9 rebounds

Fans rejoice – this may be a once in a lifetime experience

Can We Do It Again?

As a fan, you always want to think that your team has another chance at winning an NBA Championship. If we can stay healthy throughout the year and Kawhi Leonard comes back, we have a very good chance of repeating as champions – the Warriors are going to be going through the entire season with a depleted roster, and that will probably follow them into the post-season as well.

The Warriors have been ruling the NBA for a very long time, but are we due for a shifting of the guard? If there’s going to be a new “Superteam” on the block, it may as well be one that represents an entire country, right?

Needless to say, congratulations to the Toronto Raptors and to everybody who was rooting for them. Whether you’re a Canadian or not, just know that we finally did it! This is only the beginning though, so let’s make sure that we stay hungry.




Create a Website as a Copywriter | Beginning Your Journey to the Top

Copywriter Tales: Create a Website That You Can Be Proud Of

Being a Copywriter can be a tedious career at times – thankfully, that’s why I’m here

When one is interested in the wide world of internet marketing, there are many things that need to be accounted for. For example, as an entrepreneur, you’ll be faced with many different challenges – all of which will test whether you’re ready to succeed or not. I’m a copywriter myself, and I already know how difficult the entire process can be; but the question is, are you aware of that?

When you’re a copywriter, you’ll be able to produce the content for yourself – most people end up hiring a service like mine because they don’t have confidence in their craft. Not everyone was built equal, and not everybody is going to love writing; that’s why I do this job.

Not only does writing come effortlessly to me, but it’s something I just enjoy doing. If I can turn a profit while doing something I love, why not give it a shot?

How to Create a Website

All hail… WordPress?

Whether you’re hiring my service to handle all of your content needs, or you feel like you can write it all yourself, you’ll still need the proper CMS (Content Management System). Putting a website together can be an easy process, but it can also be a difficult one; it really depends on the skill level that you currently hold. Web design is a tricky industry to navigate, which is why the creation of a website needs to be as easy as possible. Some of the most obvious CMS platforms would be:

  • WordPress (.COM or .ORG)
  • Dotclear
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Serendipity
  • ImpressPages

There are many options to choose from, but it’s a matter of choosing which option feels to be the best fit for you. WordPress will more than likely trump other options, as it’s just the easiest to use all around. As a copywriter, WordPress has allowed me to develop a website that gets my services out into the eye of the public.

Why Do I Need a Copywriter?

The answer to all of your ailing content needs – Canadian Content Writing

When you create a website, you have to have a copywriter present who will produce high-quality content for said website. There are many different ways to figure out whether a writer is worth their weight in gold, but the most efficient way would be to take a look at their past projects. Portfolios and samples should be looked over before you hire anybody, but be sure to remember that it’s also about reputation.

The best writers are ones who focus on the task at hand; when it comes to Canadian content writing grants, you aren’t exactly shooting for one here. The right copywriter will change the entire landscape of your website, and give people the urge to buy your products – it’s all about how people feel when they are engaging with the content on your website.

A proper Copywriter will turn your website into pure gold – freelance writing jobs are nice and all, but using them to scout out the top talent (writing-wise) isn’t an ideal situation to be in. Realistically, you should probably just hire me to do all of your writing – that means you have more time to kick back and drink mimosas!

Ready to order? Click here to get started – or contact me through e-mail!




Copywriting & Content Writing Services | How to Make Money Online (With High-Quality Content!)

Earn a Living Online: Making Money with the Internet

This could be you, sitting at home in your office

While content writing services are what I tend to focus at this particular time, I am still an online entrepreneur at heart. At the end of the day, we are all looking to make as much money possible throughout our lifetimes. The more money you can obtain without working too hard for it, the better – but how does one actually turn a profit without putting in the hard work? Making money online is definitely a possibility, but it’s no easy task; especially if you’re a complete novice.

If you wanted to know how to become a copywriter, this probably isn’t the article for you – I would never dare to reveal my tricks of the trade! While I won’t let you in on my most seasoned secrets, I can still give you the run-down on what’s needed to make money online.

Regardless of whether you’re a veteran of the industry, or happen to be brand new, this article should help you start your journey off on the right foot.

Step 1: Identify Your Project

You’ve got to identify which kind of project you plan on getting into. Whether you want to become an Amazon associate and sell Amazon products should be discussed, as well as what industry you plan on diving into. There are plenty of different requirements to consider worrying about, but you’ve got to start off slowly.

Decide whether you’re putting one of three things together:

  • A blog
  • An e-commerce website
  • A service website (local businesses, online services, etc.)

When you’ve figured out what you want to work on out of these three, you can begin to focus your efforts toward something that is a bit more “personalized”. The only person that knows what you want, would be yourself; so do a bit of thinking and come up with your project details.

Step 2: Put Together the Website

Now this is going to be a very “barebones” article in regards to making money online, as I am merely trying to give you the skeleton – it’s up to you as the reader to put the meat on there. Putting together your website will have you not only putting together a proper website design, but also getting your content together as well. Hiring an amazing copywriter will take you a far way, but you’ve got to remain consistent.

That’s why my Canadian Content Writing service prides itself on having repeat customers, as it means that I’ve done my job perfectly (or as close to it as possible).

Develop a schedule in regards to your content, and understand that your visitors will be expecting something new on a daily basis. If you created a blog website, you’ll need blog posts for every single day of the week  – in some cases, you would be better off posting multiple blog posts in a day.

Website Design and Content Marketing

“Search Engine Optimization” is a term that you’ll learn of rather quickly

Marketing the content that you’ve hired Canadian Content Writing to manage is one of the toughest things to do. The best thing you can do in this scenario is to provide your readers with the highest quality content possible; organic traffic (which is traffic that “organically” comes from search engines) is the ultimate goal here.

Find a way to market your content, and try to think outside of the box. There are plenty of SEO agencies out there that provide services in regards to content marketing, and some of which would include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO
  • Website Analysis

You want to have as much traffic running through your website as possible, as it’s going to help you earn more money. Whether it be through natural sales or advertisement revenue (through a platform like AdSense), the more visitors you have on the website every single day, the higher the odds are of you turning a profit.

Step 3: Rank and Bank!

Where all of your money is being kept – which is soon to be MILLIONS!

The ranking of your website is going to determine just how successful you are online – the only other way to go about having a successful online project would be to promote through other means (such as locally or just offline in general). Even the best marketers on the planet are going to have some ups and downs, so don’t give up! The first project you put together is more than likely going to fail, but it’s important that you learn from your mistakes and do even better next time around.

When you want to make money online, hiring an amazing content writing service will take you a long way – but you’ve still got to understand the rest of the equation.

If you think that you’re ready to take the leap and start earning money online, you’re in the right spot. Content is one of the most crucial components in regards to any online venture, so don’t cut corners!

Hire me today to handle the content for your online projects and you’ll receive not only the best content writing service in Toronto, but also a personal approach to every piece that most other writers couldn’t offer.

Ready to get started? Click here and order your amazing content today!

A Content Writing Service You Can Count On | NBA Finals Game 2: Toronto Raptors vs. Golden State Warriors (June 2nd, 2019)

Can the Toronto Raptors Do It Again & Win Game 2 of the NBA Finals?

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors guarding our lord and savior, Spicy P

Some would say I am the Pascal Siakam of content writing services – a copywriter pioneer of sorts. The Toronto Raptors were able to take Game 1 due to an amazing game from Spicy P, making him a household name within the confines of Canada. If you can carry our team to a win against the best basketball squad that the NBA has ever seen (arguably, of course), you deserve absolutely anything you’d like.

Would asking for a Spicy P statue outside of Scotiabank Arena be too much? Probably, but hopefully Ujiri blesses us with one anyways. The country of Canada is buzzing, and since the Toronto Raptors took a win in Game 1, the thought that we could seriously win an NBA Championship this year begins to creep up.

Kawhi Leonard is getting all of the help he needs from his teammates, and while I am only a copywriter, I still love seeing professional athletes doing what they do best. The city of Toronto has a lot to be excited for, but it isn’t over yet! There’s still 3 more wins that we need to get; so keep your cheering voices ready to go.

Spicy P: The Durantula Killer?

When (and if) Kevin Durant makes an appearance during this years NBA Finals, I honestly think that Spicy P (Pascal Siakam) is still going to do what he does best. Sure, he has an off game every now and then, but most NBA players do. The most important thing is that he came to play in Game 1, and it feels like that’s going to translate quite well into Game 2 as well.

If we can get off to a 2-0 lead right away, the odds of us bring home the Larry O’Brien trophy are going to be incredible.

Drake’s best friend, Spicy P, taking in the win

Need Something Written?

Toronto is a very busy city, with a lot of potential investors and business people wandering the streets. There are plenty of things to take into account when you’re living in Toronto, or Canada in general for that matter – one of them would be where you’re going to get all of your content writing from. Finding the proper content writing service is no easy task, which is why I have become one of the more sought after copywriters in town. My writing is absolutely stellar, and it’s going to offer you the likes of:


  • A personal touch to every single piece of content that I work on
  • Properly researched and implemented information pertaining to your niche/topic
  • Content written in a timely (and high-quality) manner
  • Affordable prices that will keep our business relationship lasting longer than most!


Regardless of what you’re looking to have written, I’ll have you covered. I have written for an abundance of different niches, and nothing is too far out of my comfort zone – I’m willing to wear whatever hat you’d like me to sport.

Click here to contact me and get started with your order!

The Toronto Raptors Advance to the 2019 NBA Finals!

Kawhi Leads Us to Victory!

While this is a content writing service, nothing beats the competition of local sports. With that being said – we did it, Toronto!

The Toronto Raptors have managed to overcome adversity and take their rightful place in the 2019 NBA Finals. As a local, this is one of the most amazing sports events that has ever happened in the city.

Kawhi Leonard is somewhat of a mystery – nobody knows whether he’s going to leave, or whether “he stay”. The city was buzzing last night, to say the least; and that’s obviously due to a good reason.


Kyle Lowry embracing his sons after winning the Eastern Conference Finals

It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get to this point, and hopefully all of the locals (and anyone who supports the team for that matter) reading this are ready to rock come Thursday evening.

Is This Our Year?

This is the first time the Raptors have been to the NBA Finals in franchise history, marking it a very important occasion. Many teams dream of getting to the Finals, let alone winning them; thankfully, winning the title this year could be a very serious reality.

If Danny Green can begin to make his corner 3’s, and Marc Gasol keeps playing at an aggressive pace, we’re going to be a hard team to beat. Kevin Durant is out for at least the first game of the series, if not more – personally, I think that they are downplaying his injury and that it’s a serious one.

Regardless of who you are rooting for, you’ve got to respect the fact that the Toronto Raptors finally made it to the Finals. This has been 24 years in the making – so it’s about time!


Bucks G, Brogdon, defending Kawhi Leonard

Championship Content Writing

Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be a proper blog post without blasting my content writing service through a megaphone – this is the perfect opportunity to be marketing Raptors products through an affiliate link. It’s about $40 for a Finals hat, and while it’s “history in the making”, that’s a bit bold. Regardless, it’s something that we will deal with as Torontonians – we must prosper until the Raptors have reached the summit of NBA excellence!

As a fan, there’s only a few things in this world that would make my heart beat faster. I am so happy that we’ve made it to the Finals, but this is just the beginning – it’s time to get out there and grab it ALL!


It’s 2019, and Content Is Still King (or Queen!)

Is Your Business Ready for the Web?

Now, many of you reading this are probably already in the know – you’ve come to the conclusion that people want high-quality content given to them whenever possible. Producing low quality content for your user base is never a smart idea, as they are the ones that keep the ship afloat; without your readers, your website would be nothing more than a shell of its former self.

If you’re keen on becoming a more reputable business within the year of 2019, you are in the right place. Not only do we provide high-quality content here at Canadian Content Writing, but we always aim to please. As long as our clients are happy with the results, we’re happy as well!

It’s bittersweet, in the sense that a lot of people are going to cut corners and work with cheap content mills. These content providers have no real sense of purpose when it comes to your projects, they are merely typing as fast as they can so that they can move onto the next project at hand.

What Have You Been Working On?

Here at Canadian Content Writing, there isn’t a team of writers (not yet, anyways). I am one man, a dedicated Canadian that is trying to provide people with the best content possible. The content that I curate has a personable feeling, and will bring you the likes of:

  • Individuality within the content
  • Well-researched and thought out pieces of information
  • Proper formatting
  • Immaculate grammar
  • A Native English voice that you can trust!

If you are in need of any content, pertaining to (just about) any niche, you’re in the right place. Don’t settle for less! Work with Canadian Content Writing and get the best “bang for your buck” today.

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A New Era of Writing – January, 2017

Content is Complex

With my freelance writing endeavors, I have met a lot of people. Not only that, but I’ve also built up long-lasting relationships with a plethora of companies and people. I would say that I am lucky, in the sense that I’ve managed to avoid lackluster clients and dubious plots.

Internet marketing is a tough thing to navigate, especially if you’re a rookie – it all comes down to trusting the person you’ll work alongside. It took me a while to understand that, but it’s managed to develop a new era of writing. Writers don’t just look for the “easy way out” now, and that’s fantastic to think about.

Stay Faithful!

When you’ve worked with a content curator, and they’ve managed to do a fantastic job, stay faithful. There is absolutely no reason for you to seek out other content creators, especially if the one you are currently working with is doing a great job. It’s completely different if you’re in need of bulk work, as that will call for numerous hands – but money-site projects that call for a personal approach would be different.

Not only will it create consistency in your content, but it will also allow you to focus on other aspects of your marketing process. Content is important, but unless you’re writing it yourself, there isn’t much you could do to change the outcome (besides hiring the right people).

If you’re ever in need of high-quality web content (whether it be SEO content, web copy, press releases or even Amazon reviews), feel free to contact me today!

Content creators can save you an abundance of trouble.. so keep that in mind the next time you’re hiring!



2017 – Year of the Content

Curating Correctly

Like I always say, “content is king” – and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change anytime soon. If you’re serious about your business endeavours in 2017, you’ll need to curate some amazing content.

As a freelance writer, I’ve seen a lot of different things (in terms of clientele behaviour). There are those that make the entire process and easy one, where as others are going to make it tumultuous and frustrating. Regardless, I need to work with them and make sure that their content needs are met with haste and professionalism.

2017 isn’t just a year for you to better yourself in the financial sense, but the philosophical sense as well – don’t be an awful client! Understand that content is king, and creating some awesome elements could take a bit of time.

In the end of it all, you’ve got to be willing to invest both money and time into your online projects. Even if you’re a brick and mortar business, your online webpage could net you a large amount of traffic (and thus, turn into plenty of new business!).

What Can I Do to Keep Up?

I’d suggest that you find a reliable writer and stick with them for all of your content needs. If they haven’t let you down in the past, odds are they never will in the future. Interact with your content creator and understand their process; don’t co-write the content, but make sure that they’re on the right track at all times.

If you can do that, you should be able to keep up when it comes to the content race. It seems like competitors are racing against one another to push out high-quality content, and obviously, I have no complaints in that department!

Need something written? Never fear! All you’ve got to do is click here.

Amazon Reviews: Are They a Must?

Online Marketing & Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviews have become increasingly important, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing online. If you don’t have the right reviews to work with, you won’t be able to effectively market the products you’ve been targeting. I know for a fact that many people read through reviews before actually making a purchase, which is completely fine; but this means that as a marketer, you need to have high-quality reviews.

Regardless of your niche, there’s going to be a significant need for paying attention to detail. You need a writer who is not only competent, but has been there before as well. Experienced writers can take your Amazon reviews and turn them into something simply exquisite, allowing you to resonate within the readers mind. When the review is stellar, odds are you’re going to see a lot more conversions.

Amazon Reviews Written by Professionals!

If you ever need an Amazon review written, feel free to contact us here at Canadian Content Writing. Not only will we be able to help you with the multiple reviews at once, but we’re always aiming ot put our best foot forward – there’s no need to be cutting corners and such!

Sound like something you could get used to? Click here and let’s get started!

Amazon reviews will allow you to connect with readers on a significant level. Some of the things you can benefit from (as well as your clients) would be:

  • They’re able to soak up information and understand the product better
  • Clients/targets can get a better sense for what they’re trying to spend money on
  • You can keep them intrigued and interested
  • All-around, you can keep the amount of conversions you’ll be seeing as high as possible

Don’t deal with lackluster content writing services, because it’s going to result in some lackluster conversion results. Canadian Content Writing not only gets the job done seamlessly, but we get it done RIGHT!