3 Ways to Start a New Business from Home

A man sitting at his laptop computer and working from home.
Want to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle? Start a new business from home!

Want to start a new business from home? It may seem like all of your friends are growing up and getting into their own career paths, but that doesn’t mean you need to follow in their footsteps. You have the option to create a business for yourself, and as long as you have great service and an amazing work ethic, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to excel in any given industry.

Where Should I Start?

People just want to work with a business that isn’t going to let them down, and many of us have great ideas that we want to share with the world, but it isn’t that easy. It takes a lot of financial risks to start your own business, or at least when you want to get serious about things. For example, I didn’t start my journey with Canadian Content Writing right away. I had to save up and take a leap of faith — and I’m happy that I did!

Why Start a New Business from Home?

Businesses that are based in someone’s home are low-cost, but it doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to require some sort of investment. If you’re worried about whether you’ll have enough money to properly put things together, don’t sweat it – there are plenty of loan services for you to check out.

Loans, Loans, and More Loans

A small pile of Canadian cash, including coins and bills.
Canadian cash is incredibly pretty, isn’t it?

Personal and business loans are going to be your bread and butter at first. It takes money to effectively market and show people that your business is up and ready to go. Of course, not everyone will have enough money to pay for all of this themselves. If you’re serious about starting a new business from home, you may have to consider how you’re going to fund the project.

Tips & Tricks to Help You Get Started!

I’m here today to offer my readers three different tips that should make their home-based business dreams come true, or at least bring them much closer to that prospect. Businesses aren’t easy to run by any means, and I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it will be a cakewalk. If you’re serious about this whole deal, take this tip down on your phone (or a notepad if you’re old school) and apply them wherever possible.

Stay Competitive

You need to be willing to compete with all of the other businesses in your industry. They are out there to take your head off, and even though some may come off as friendly, you’re taking money out of their pockets. You have to strive to be the best, and that means you’ll be competing with everybody else on the internet.

The second you lose your competitive edge and start coasting, is when everyone else around you will pick up speed and leave you behind.

Use the Internet

If you’re trying to start a home-based business without using the internet, you’re out of luck. The days of putting classified ads in the newspaper and being incredibly successful are long gone. You’ll have to make use of the internet as your main outlet if you want to excel! Promotion is very easy online, so try to perfect your online marketing campaigns and start watching the customers roll in.

Remember, running a home business doesn’t mean you can be lazy. As a matter of fact, it’s the complete opposite. The internet is a huge space, and there are bound to be plenty of potential customers waiting out there for you; as long as you’re willing to work for them.

Put the Customer First

Put the customer before everything else, as they are the ones who will be paying for your business in the end. Without them, you are nothing; as bad as that sounds. Your business couldn’t operate if there was not a consistent flow of money coming in. Those that don’t have money, simply fold.

Happy customers will translate into strong reviews, which act like a form of promotion. When people see your stellar ratings and how well you treat customers, they’re going to want to experience it for themselves.

Start a New Business from Home Today

A group of workers at a meeting in their home-based office.
Meetings still take place at home — they’re just more comfortable now.

There you have it! Those are 3 quick tricks you can use to improve your home-based business and how it operates. It’s not rocket science. Regardless of what industry you’re in, it’s all relatively one and the same.

From tax deductions to having more freedom and flexibility throughout your schedule, starting a new business from home could be the most ideal option you have right now. If you’re sick of commuting and going to the office, it’s worth a shot!

Crypto Gambling: Crypto Casinos vs. Regular Online Casinos

Stake.com crypto gambling website
Stake is one of (if not the) most popular crypto gambling websites around right now!

The Importance of Finding the Best Crypto Gambling Sites

Gambling online has grown over the years into a multi-billion dollar industry, and now many people are choosing to play at crypto casinos (over the traditional variety). Some individuals believe that crypto casinos are the answer to all problems when it comes to online gambling! As such, I felt like I had to test this theory out for myself.

Crypto gambling sites seem to be a lot like any other online gambling platform at first glance. Although true, websites like Stake.com are bringing in a shocking number of new users, and it’s hard to ignore the impact they’re having on the casino industry. The potential of free crypto gambling from the comfort of your home is real. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

What Do the Best Crypto Gambling Sites Offer?


Any crypto casino online is very transparent when it comes to the probability of their slot games, and it’s often referred to as a “Volatility Rate”. The more volatile a game, the more likely it is to payout (or send you home with a loss, of course). Most online casinos will display some sort of odds for their slots, but I just find that crypto casinos are easier to understand and make things transparent for their customers. 

Ultimate Convenience

Gambling on the go is easy to do nowadays, as there are plenty of mobile apps and websites to choose from. Crypto casinos make it easy to access funds regardless of where you’re located in the world – while you may not be willing (or able) to fund your account with traditional fiat, you can always just do so with cryptocurrency. 

You can also often use a credit card or other form of payment to purchase crypto directly from the casino you plan on using. For example, Stake allows users to use Moonpay to purchase cryptocurrency with their credit cards, and then use it on the site to place bets. 

Constantly Growing

You’re going to be paid in BTC or ETH, for the most part, both growing assets in their own right. Not only are you going to be winning money as you would at any other online casino, but you’ll be winning more of (what I think is) a solid investment! The cryptocurrency market is rapidly growing and can offer ridiculous gains, but it also comes with a higher level of risk. Some crypto casinos offer free bonuses and credits to further their growth even more, making them even more enticing to use.


The best crypto gambling can offer you the likes of table games (Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat) or hundreds of slot options that feature bonus drops and free spins. I had a tough time figuring out which slot I enjoyed the most, and that’s merely because there were so many to choose from – if you’re a fan of pretty colours and flashing lights, you’ll love these games. The fact that you can also engage in live betting with real dealers is a nice touch and a feature that you would think is offered on more online crypto casino platforms.

Most websites will focus on online slots more than anything else, but crypto casinos are always a blend of everything you’d hope to see. They even have a game called “Crash!” on Stake.com where you bet on how long a little plane will fly before crashing, with the potential to win up to 23.5x your bet. 

100% Secure

Plenty of you may think that crypto casinos are bound to get hacked at some point, but all of them are built to protect the personal information of users more than anything else. Both your personal information and funds are in good hands when you work with a reliable crypto casino. There’s no need to worry about waking up to an empty account when you use a website like Stake.  

Promotions & Bonuses

All online casinos will offer you some sort of promotion or bonus whether you’re a new user or a dedicated customer, but crypto casinos will go above and beyond what you normally see. Not only will the wager requirements be a bit more “realistic”, but there are also referral bonuses and plenty of other ways to earn even more money using crypto casinos! The adoption of cryptocurrency is still a work in progress, and crypto casinos offer enticing bonuses as a way to bring new users in

Would I Recommend Crypto Gambling Over Traditional Online Casinos?

It all depends on your personal preference at the end of the day. Some people want to gamble and have no problem with going through a verification process, while others prefer to remain anonymous. Crypto casinos allow you to play a large variety of games using different assets as well! This means even Dogecoin or Ripple investors can choose to use their portfolio funds while playing.

One thing I will say is that using crypto gambling websites offered more (and better) bonuses than you would find on other platforms. Withdrawing your money can be as simple as sending crypto to a different wallet, or even exchanging it on the site for fiat currency. The flexibility found in crypto casinos is something that you won’t experience anywhere else!

With quick deposits and payouts, getting your money in or out is never a hassle with the top crypto gambling options. With that being said, there are always going to be bad apples to watch out for – use your common sense and avoid any crypto casinos that seem “low-quality”, if you know what I mean. 

Looking to place a few bets yourself? Sign up for an account on Stake.com today to get started!