2017 – Year of the Content

Curating Correctly

Like I always say, “content is king” – and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change anytime soon. If you’re serious about your business endeavours in 2017, you’ll need to curate some amazing content.

As a freelance writer, I’ve seen a lot of different things (in terms of clientele behaviour). There are those that make the entire process and easy one, where as others are going to make it tumultuous and frustrating. Regardless, I need to work with them and make sure that their content needs are met with haste and professionalism.

2017 isn’t just a year for you to better yourself in the financial sense, but the philosophical sense as well – don’t be an awful client! Understand that content is king, and creating some awesome elements could take a bit of time.

In the end of it all, you’ve got to be willing to invest both money and time into your online projects. Even if you’re a brick and mortar business, your online webpage could net you a large amount of traffic (and thus, turn into plenty of new business!).

What Can I Do to Keep Up?

I’d suggest that you find a reliable writer and stick with them for all of your content needs. If they haven’t let you down in the past, odds are they never will in the future. Interact with your content creator and understand their process; don’t co-write the content, but make sure that they’re on the right track at all times.

If you can do that, you should be able to keep up when it comes to the content race. It seems like competitors are racing against one another to push out high-quality content, and obviously, I have no complaints in that department!

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