The Toronto Raptors Advance to the 2019 NBA Finals!

Kawhi Leads Us to Victory!

While this is a content writing service, nothing beats the competition of local sports. With that being said – we did it, Toronto!

The Toronto Raptors have managed to overcome adversity and take their rightful place in the 2019 NBA Finals. As a local, this is one of the most amazing sports events that has ever happened in the city.

Kawhi Leonard is somewhat of a mystery – nobody knows whether he’s going to leave, or whether “he stay”. The city was buzzing last night, to say the least; and that’s obviously due to a good reason.


Kyle Lowry embracing his sons after winning the Eastern Conference Finals

It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get to this point, and hopefully all of the locals (and anyone who supports the team for that matter) reading this are ready to rock come Thursday evening.

Is This Our Year?

This is the first time the Raptors have been to the NBA Finals in franchise history, marking it a very important occasion. Many teams dream of getting to the Finals, let alone winning them; thankfully, winning the title this year could be a very serious reality.

If Danny Green can begin to make his corner 3’s, and Marc Gasol keeps playing at an aggressive pace, we’re going to be a hard team to beat. Kevin Durant is out for at least the first game of the series, if not more – personally, I think that they are downplaying his injury and that it’s a serious one.

Regardless of who you are rooting for, you’ve got to respect the fact that the Toronto Raptors finally made it to the Finals. This has been 24 years in the making – so it’s about time!


Bucks G, Brogdon, defending Kawhi Leonard

Championship Content Writing

Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be a proper blog post without blasting my content writing service through a megaphone – this is the perfect opportunity to be marketing Raptors products through an affiliate link. It’s about $40 for a Finals hat, and while it’s “history in the making”, that’s a bit bold. Regardless, it’s something that we will deal with as Torontonians – we must prosper until the Raptors have reached the summit of NBA excellence!

As a fan, there’s only a few things in this world that would make my heart beat faster. I am so happy that we’ve made it to the Finals, but this is just the beginning – it’s time to get out there and grab it ALL!


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