Demaryius Thomas Death Due to 2019 Car Crash?

Demaryius Thomas with the Broncos
Demaryius Thomas during his stint with the Denver Broncos

One of the former budding stars of the NFL and ex-Broncos Demaryius Thomas has passed away, as reported by the FOX 5 Atlanta news team.

Many of his teammates reacted to the news early Friday morning, with most of them displaying a sense of shock.

Even former teammates such as Demarcus Ware, who played with “Bay-Bay” from 2014 to 2016, spoke out on Twitter and told the public that he was “heartbroken” over the situation.

Demaryius Thomas Had Been Dealing with Seizures

It’s been said that ever since his 2019 car accident, Demaryius Thomas was dealing with seizures. He flipped his car while doing over 70 MPH in a designated 30 MPH zone.

I’m not one to judge someone else, especially after they have passed away – when it comes to Bay-Bay that would be no different.

Understanding the importance of this crash and the effect it may have had on his recent death is going to be important moving forward.

Bay-Bay during his tenure with the Houston Texans

Is This Another “Head Trauma” Problem?

Tons of current and former NFL players have to deal with the consequences of head trauma. Finally, many of them are speaking out about how CTE can impact their lives.

There’s no telling until we gather more information, but if years of playing professional football and one massive car crash have anything to do with the death of Bay-Bay, we might not be finished with this story.

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